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ELM (Edible Landscape Movement)

ELM (Edible Landscape Movement)

ELM is made up of food producers, gardeners, makers and buyers based in Knowle West. Some of the ELM producers grow fruit and veg and raise animals in urban spaces and unused local gardens. KWMC supports the producers and buyers to use mobile phones and the app ‘My Knowle West (MYKW)’ to create photo feeds to share the story of the food production locally, attract custom and promote healthy living across the city.

ELM has received numerous awards, most recently from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). In October 2013 the group received the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ award at Level 4: ‘Thriving’.

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28 April 2014

Foraging and allotment...

Local forager Trudi Clarke takes Bristol chefs around the Northern Slopes on a food foraging hunt and then to the Springfield Allotments. Amazing to see how much food is available in the wild!
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